The Project Planet Suffolk - love letters from a changing world

Planet Suffolk – love letters from a changing world is a project about Suffolk, why we love it, why it is special, what environmental issues it faces and how it has changed or how might it change in the future. It is about all the things that are affecting the world right now but told from a local viewpoint through the eyes of local people.

The Planet Suffolk Project has been created by landscape photographer Gill Moon.

“The idea behind the project was born during the recent COP26 climate talks in Glasgow when I was wondering about the local take on the issues facing the planet. I was curious to know if people were concerned or ambivalent or whether they just felt powerless to make any changes.

The summit also got me thinking about photography and our role as photographers and story tellers. I believe that environmental change begins at home with knowledge and awareness. As photographers we have the ability and the duty to tell our visual stories and communicate with others what we see and what is important to us.”

Planet Suffolk is a community engagement project which aims to promote a deeper connection with and care for the landscapes of Suffolk. You do not need to have an expensive camera or be ‘a photographer’ to take part. Whether you have a DSLR or a phone camera and you have a story to tell then the project would like to hear from you.

About Gill

Gill is a professional landscape photographer living and working on the Suffolk Coast. She specialises in landscapes and waterscapes and is passionate about promoting a connection with the environment through her work.

Since moving to Suffolk 15 years ago Gill has spent her time photographing the local landscape and getting to know the area intimately through the lens of her camera. She is keen to share this knowledge and has been running photography tuition and workshops along the Suffolk Coast since 2018.

To find out more about Gill’s work please visit her website

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