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The project is looking for individuals who would like to submit a visual story to illustrate their thoughts about Suffolk today in the face of global climate change and environmental decline.

We are looking for visual stories on two themes:

Stories that relate to the things we love; the landscapes, the wildlife, the reserves and habitats that we visit and which give us the most joy.

Stories that relate to the things that concern us or that we care about. These are our concerns for the future related to the landscapes we live in.

Each visual story will be told using words and images – 1 – 3 photographs and a max of 500 words. All submitted stories will be presented on this website with the most compelling 50 compiled into a printed book.


We are looking for stories that can be told in two different ways:

1. with a single image and a max of 500 words
2. with a panel of 3 images and a max of 500 words

Your picture or panel of 3 pictures needs to be accompanied by a few words which help to tell your story. Why did you take the picture /s, what is your story, why does it matter etc.

The images need to be submitted as JPEG’s and should be a min of 3000 pixels along the longest side at 300dpi. I am happy to help with image sizing if necessary.


You can start working on your stories now.
All stories need to be submitted by August 2022.

How the stories will be presented

The aim of the project is to provide a series of visual stories about the Suffolk landscape and its environs as seen through the eyes of local residents and visitors. These stories will be a record for future generations and will tell of the landscape we love and our concerns for its future.

The most interesting 50 stories will be incorporated into a book which will be printed in October 2022 and available before Christmas. Everyone who submits a successful entry to the book will receive a free copy showcasing their work.

All submitted stories will appear on this website.

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I am looking for stories told with a single image or with a panel of 3 images. Each visual
story can be accompanied by a maximum of 500 words. Register to take part.