Planet Suffolk Love letters from a changing world

  • A Story

    A Story

    Do you have a story about the Suffolk landscape that you would like to tell?

  • The Environment

    The Environment

    How does the global environmental crisis affect us here in Suffolk?

  • Your Passion

    Your Passion

    What issues or places in Suffolk are most important to you?

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The Project

Planet Suffolk – love letters from a changing world is an environmental photography project organised by Suffolk based landscape photographer Gill Moon. The project sets out to record and preserve for future generations the aspects of the environment that are important to Suffolk residents in 2022, what we care about and what concerns us. The visual stories represent tokens of love, care and concern for the local landscapes, wildlife and habitats we are keen to see preserved for future generations.

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I am looking for stories told with a single image or with a panel of 3 images. Each visual
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    Visual Stories

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      The Shell Line by Gill Moon

      Trudging across the beach in the half light of dawn I am aware of the shingle crunching beneath my feet. Sea worn pebbles slide and meld together creaking under the soles of my walking boots. Each step leaves a footprint that charts my journey along the shore, evidence of my visit etched in the ground, clues to my presence for those who come after me. 

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      Where is the harm? By Gill Moon

      It's just one thing I've cast away
      where is the harm I hear you say?

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      The Witness Tree By Gill Moon

      In a grassy field on a shallow incline above the marsh stands a horse chestnut tree. An isolated landmark in a purple patchwork of thistles and shrubby mallow. A marker of ancient boundaries, a barometer for the seasons, a witness tree.

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      My Wild Place By Gill Moon

      On a corner of the sea wall between the marsh and the river lies an old world war two pill box. Half buried in the sea wall the abandoned monolithic structure has been embraced by the natural world, lichens cover its roof, a dog rose has taken root in the open doorway and cow parsley encircles the base softening the concrete harshness of the exterior.

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    50 participants will be published in our book

    Entry is free. Stories from 50 participants will be published in the Planet Suffolk book, these participants will receive a free copy of the book.
    All other stories will be published online